10 Easy Steps to Buy a Parkland Fl Home


Following the Yellow Brick Road to Your New Home in Parkland Florida

The start of the real estate process can be very daunting to some folks. What are the necessary steps to get into a new home you might ask?

First and foremost unless you are paying cash, you must get pre-approved by a qualified lender with a banker or a mortgage lender.

You will then have a pre-approval letter with a designated amount of money to budget for your new home and the journey can begin!

Once you have your pre approval letter it is a signal for you and your real estate agent that you can get started looking in your price range at a new place to call home.  A first step many people take is to look online at some listings that are for sale. Keep in mind some listings are current and some are not currently listed. These listings of homes give you a good idea of what your search will be like as the process unfolds.

Making a transition to a new home, new City or new State can be a little intimidating but you have to look at it as a new phase of your life.  Changing your surroundings is the next step in your personal “yellow brick road” for your lifetime. Real estate agents help families during the bridge time to get to their next destination point.

Relocation experts are qualified to ease the process from State to State whereas neighborhood experts know specific neighborhoods. There are different kinds of real estate experts for different kinds of moves either intrastate or interstate, city or suburban neighborhoods. Looking online is a good start when getting serious about a purchase or choosing a real estate agent. Although meeting in person after the initial phone call will help assist your comfort level in deciding if this is the right agent for you. It’s important to like your agent as you may be spending quite a lot of time together.

After choosing a real estate expert for the job, the agent will send you homes to review that are currently for sale that will be somewhat in the category you are looking to purchase. These reports are organized by pricing, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, master bedroom on first floor, pool, lake, view and dozens of other search criteria.  Lately, buyers love open concept home floor plans. Great kitchens and bathrooms are the selling features of homes worldwide.

Here in Parkland Florida most of the homes have an open concept design which actually allows families to be in one space to cook, chat, and watch television. Just being together in one large family space keeps the family time fun, let’s parents keep an eye on young children and eases entertaining tasks. The ceiling heights in Parkland Florida are higher up so this allows for a smaller home to have a dimension that will make it appear larger than it measures.

It is important to note if the kitchen cooking area vents to the outside or if a vent needs to be installed to enable the kitchen to have more functionality. It’s nice to have granite kitchen countertops but it is not necessary and granite can be installed at a later date after purchasing the home. Summer kitchens are a great feature for families that prefer barbequing on a regular basis and certainly an enhancement to watch out for when looking for a new home.

Even homes built in the last ten years could use some modernization. Some great features for updates might include a new kitchen backsplash, new appliances throughout the home, new kitchen and bathroom faucets, frameless shower doors, new locks, doorknobs and a fresh paint job inside and outside. All of these enhancements plus additional changes lend a new clean look to the home. Do not let small adjustments deter you from finding the home of your dreams. All homes need updates throughout the years to keep them fresh and appealing to the next family that will come along and live there after the present family has grown up and the home is ready to list. Every homeowner at some point in time is going to list their home, so it’s wise to keep up with small repairs while living in the house.

When buying a home in Parkland Florida you are purchasing a home with built in value because of the high satisfaction of the Broward County School District in Parkland. All of the schools here are a key component of why families move to Parkland Florida.

Keep a journal of your house hunt.  As you narrow down the choices and eliminate houses that will not work, write notes about those homes that are contenders for your new place to call home. A decision will surface for the home that would be the best choice for you and your family to begin the process of a purchase.MCDWIOF EC004

Stop in your tracks when you find a home that will work best for you and your family! Don’t be shy to make an offer! Take a look at the past closed sales that are similar to the home that you want to make an offer on and go for it! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain! In this market there is no time to hem and haw, just make an offer and see what happens. This is how you will follow the “yellow brick road” to your new home!

The real estate agent will let you know if the offer which is presented along with the pre-approval letter is accepted, rejected or countered. Then you as the buyer will have a chance to counter, decline or accept the contract. The contract will stipulate price and closing costs. So congratulations are in order once you accept the contract, you are on your way to being a homeowner!

A first and second deposit will typically be requested by a certain day in the contract. This money will go into a real estate escrow account to protect all parties involved until the closing. A title company will be named to complete the paperwork, make sure the title is clear, fill out the HUD sheet, deliver the escrowed funds, plus finish the transaction and do all the closing signatures. It takes a whole team of people to get a home under contract and sold.

Inspections will be held close to the beginning of the initial contract date to decide if the buyer will still accept the contract and move forward. Although most contracts are written as AS-IS contracts, it is customary for the current owner to make some repairs so the home passes inspection and clear title can be passed over to the next owner.

Following inspections it is time to shop for homeowner’s insurance which is required for obtaining a mortgage on your new place. After that, the title company is ready to close once all the funding is in place. Sometimes an addendum is necessary to extend the closing period until all the funding paperwork is completed. Other times it’s just smooth sailing right to the closing table and to your new set of house keys.

Different experiences can happen with each and every home sale but, with the right agent, the right attitude and the right closing team you will follow your “yellow brick road” to a new home in Parkland Florida!

Rina H. Stuart, P.A. 
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